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Why Nextdoor

While navigating the app, I found that Nextdoor is overcomplicated and lacked search utility. Although Nextdoor has a great foundation, it can still be improved both visually and functionally.

My Role

UX Design

UI Design





Welcome to the Neighborhood

Nextdoor re-imagined, focusing on both UI and UX.

Old Design

Overall, Nextdoor lacks in color and is highly overcomplicated. The current design needs to be decluttered, simplified, and given some personality.

Simplified Site Map

Overly specific pages that cluttered the old design were removed, then reimplemented in the home page filters to reduce the number of pages.

Style Guide

I created a new style guide to give the app a fresh modern look that reflected Nextdoor's theme.


Shades of summer green to evoke neighborhood adventure


Images should give the feeling of community and hometown adventure. Images should also be easily describable such as the BBQ, festivals, birthdays and general get togethers.


The twelve column grid allows the layout to be easily divisible and contain plenty of information in confined spaces.

The Solution

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