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Expand your Vocabulary

Learn words efficiently through flash cards and games

A Simple Plan

My Role

UX Design

UX Research




Paper & Pen


Word Box was my very first attempt at UX design so I decided to tackle a small project where I can practice the very basics and gain a deeper understanding of UX design work.

Meet John

To get a base understanding of potential users, volunteers were interviewed on their experiences involving language learning and vocabulary building. Volunteer’s needs, goals, and behaviours were used in creating a persona for which the app can be tailored to.


We believe that by building an app that is well organized, simple to use and engaging for John Platt, he will be able to achieve his goal of learning improved professional communication in his spare time.

User Task Flows

Set a Reminder

  • Download App

  • Sign in

  • Navigate to reminders

  • Enable notifications

  • Customize notification settings

  • Save settings

Play a Game

  • Download App

  • Sign in

  • Navigate to games

  • Select category

  • Choose difficulty

  • Play game

  • Review game summary


Testers went through the prototype and were given the two tasks. Their thoughts and ideas were recorded, then used to iterate the design.

Key Learnings


Personas were extremely helpful in giving me a clear direction for what type of user I am designing the product for.

User Testing

User testing is a huge factor in UX Design, as it provided me with extremely useful perspectives and opinions that helped to identify errors in my design.


Hearing about the many mistakes I made was disheartening at first, but undoubtedly gave me feedback I needed to improve. I learned that in UX, failure is part of the plan, and is another step towards improving the user’s experience.

What's Next

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