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Tattoo's Made Easy

Join a community of tattoo enthusiast and find the perfect tattoo.

Site Map

Target Audience

The target audience would be from ages 18-40 where people tend to get their tattoos more often. The minimum age demographic would be 18 years old as that is when minors become adults and no longer require parental consent to receive a tattoo.

Risks & Opportunities

Tato faces the risk of losing its customers to larger companies who have a wider selection of tattoo artists and studios to choose from. The opportunity lies within the very small selection of apps able to connect users with tattoo artists. Proper execution would mean taking from existing user bases by providing a better experience with additional useful features.

Problem Statement

Our users need a way to connect with a well-established artist, who specializes in their preferred style because they need to feel confident while getting a perfect tattoo they know they will not regret.


We will know this to be true when the user receives a tattoo from the artist and leaves a positive review.



Tato was created to explore all the aspects of UX design I have been researching. I chose to make an app that helped people get tattoos because it is something I am interested in and would find useful in the future.

My Role

UX Design

UI Design

UX Researcher






Vital information from the interviews were used in creation of these personas to help define realistic users and create objectives for our app to solve.


Analyzing user scenarios through user journey maps, allowed me to better visualize the app being used in a real life situation.

User Flows

Mapping out important tasks with user flows help focus on the most important user goals and how to reach them efficiently.

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